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Our Response to COVID - 19
The Vrystaat Arts Festival, the initiator of the Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE): Entangled, forges creative connections with Afrikaans, English and Sesotho cultures and other national and international creatives. Due to the outbreak of the world COVID -19 pandemic, the Vrystaat Arts Festival is taking most of its 2020 programme online.

The pandemic has not stopped the creative output of artists, and as a festival, we have a responsibility to provide platforms and safe spaces for creatives online through initiatives such as PACE Entangled.
Many of our international partners will be attending PACE Entangled as a precursor to the physical PACE planned for next year, which aims to increase the global reach of the interdisciplinary creative arts industries in Africa, to contribute to the development of future work from the continent. 

PACE Entangled would facilitate connections between the growing creative and cultural industries in Africa and international partners worldwide, to reinforce a world class, online business-to-business event that reflects the wider, global cultural significance of the creativity of Africa.

In the coming months we will give our confirmed artists opportunities to promote their work to a large international market. 
The artists from Africa and the diaspora, selected by an international panel of experts, are of cultural significance to the international arts sector. It is our hope that having these artists present work under the PACE Entangled platform will ensure that their work reaches international festival directors, cultural agencies, cultural attachés and arts programmers.

This will increase their regional and international profiles, touring and business potential and widen the reach of local art sectors after this pandemic is over.
PACE Entangled

What is Included?

PACE Entangled would be used to incorporate the eight aspects of

PACE through innovative online thinking and restructuring including: 

+ showcases focusing on excerpts of tour-ready work
+ showcases focusing on excerpts of works in progress
+ new work pitches
+ producer shadowing and exchange program
+ critical debate/round-table discussion sessions
+ networking programmes
+ marketplace
+ PACE New Voices

Khoekhoegowab: Vrystaati di Dī//khasib !Gâi!gâisens ge #an!gâs tsī !gôasiba Khoe-San Khoena ra mâ. Nē khoen ge //în aboxan !na /gaisa #goms tsī !hû//arede! kho/gara hâ,nâu khoen !hūb din /khas khami.

Afrikaans: Die Vrystaat Kunstefees erken en respekteer die Khoe-San van die Vrystaat en die diep geestelike verhoudings wat hulle met hul voorouers, hierdie land en sy mense het.


English: The Vrystaat Arts Festival acknowledges and respects the Khoe-San of the Free State and the deep spiritual attachment to their ancestors and relationships they have to this country and its people.

Sesotho: Mokete wa tsa Bonono Freistata o ananela le ho hlompha morabe wa Khoe-San wa Freistata, le kamano e tebileng ya semoya eo ba nang le yona le badimo ba bona hammoho le dikamano tseo ba nang le tsona le naha ena le baahi ba yona.