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PACE+ Forum 2019

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

PIAD Forum was in partnership with PACE+ 2019.

Heritage and the Digital: Trans- and interdisciplinary performance from the Continent

PIAD is proud to present Dr 'Funmi Adewole as the PIAD and PACE+ keynote speaker for 2019. ‘Funmi is an academic researcher and professional practitioner. She lectures at De Montfort University, Leicester in England. Her research and practice are in the areas of dance and contemporary African performance, exploring issues of postcolonialism, modernity and interculturalism.

‘The complexity of African performance is difficult, layered, daunting, exciting and rich. The production of performances from Africa far outstrips the discourse, historical documentation or critical thinking about it which constitutes a challenge for practitioners in Africa who are in dialogue with global audiences. I would argue that complexity is not a problem. It is what it is. It is what and how we communicate from our complexity that matters. The digital space is a site to examine this complexity.' - 'Funmi Adewole

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