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PACE Entangled - Saturday 29 August 2020

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Delegates from around the world met from 25-29 August on Zoom and Airmeet to connect, exchange and share their work to a global network of producers, artists, collaborators and funders

Panel: Disruption & Disobedience- Post-Genre

Panel Members


Karima Kadaoui


I am the Co-Founder and currently the Executive President of Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, a social innovation platform based in Tangier in Morocco.

As a Tamkeen Community Facilitator and practice-based researcher for over 10 years, I have the privilege to witness how the trust in human potential and unconditional love create the conditions for societal metamorphosis.

My Tamkeen Process started in 2007 as a cocreated process of understanding, questioning the questions and language about human and societal development and the subsequent contemporary practices and paradigms of change. It entailed bringing together my personal growth process, my 25 years of working experience in the private sector as a big-five management consultant, in the public sector as the advisor to the Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and Housing in the Moroccan Government as well as in various defining experiences in the social sector. The most defining experience of all; being the mother of two daughters.

Tamkeen, with its partners, engaged in a phenomenological and lived experience process of inquiry, co-reflection and cocreation embedded in a deeply human relationship that led to a different understanding and practice of societal transformation. The Tamkeen Approach is the facilitation of self-facilitated human potential based systemic metamorphic transformations. The Tamkeen Process grew from local to systemic, from neighbourhoods to the education system and culture ecosystems diffusing into society as a whole. Always preserving its ontological and epistemological essence.

Julia Drouhin


Dr Julia Drouhin is a French Australian sound artist, curator and producer living in lutruwita-Tasmania. She is interested in embodiment of invisible soundscapes that reveal friction in sociality and shift usual modes of transmission.

Her work using field recordings, electromagnetic frequencies, water-based instruments as well as textiles and edible objects has been shared in galleries and festivals, online and terrestrial airwaves in Europe, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. She gives workshops and conferences based on research residencies and her Ph.D in aesthetics, sciences and technology about the art of walking and radio actions in public space (Hons-University of Paris 8-France-2011).

Bronwyn Lace


Bronwyn Lace (born Gaborone, Botswana, 1980) is a visual artist. Site specificity, responsiveness and performativity are central to her practice. Lace’s focus is on the collaborative relationships between art and other fields, including physics, museum practice, philosophy, literature and education.

In 2016 Lace joined William Kentridge is the establishing and animating of the Centre for the Less Good Idea in Maboneng, Johannesburg. Today Lace is a co-director on the board of the Centre and is living and working in Vienna, Austria.

Faty Ly


A graduate of Central Saint Martins, a global melting pot of art and design,

Faty Ly is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the world of crafts, design and gastronomy. Faty is the designer and founder of the eponymous brand FATYLY, a lifestyle brand that contributes to preserving African cultures as a heritage to anchor them in the collective memory.

Faty Ly's passion for ceramics began in the late 1990s and materialized with the opening of a gallery in Dakar, in 2001, a space dedicated to crafts with the contribution of West-African artisans.

Faty's collaboration with artisans and leading manufacturers has enabled her to promote more than ever, the highest standards in craftsmanship and savoir-faire for the design of lifestyle products inspired by African cultures.

In addition to that, Faty Ly has collaborated with chocolatiers and chefs for the promotion of Senegalese culinary heritage, in particular with Mind of a Chef, Food and Wine Magazine. She is also a founding member of Afroeats, a Festival of African Cuisine and Local Food Products.

Faty holds a Master’s degree in Design Management from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Faty Ly is currently a board member of Africa Design School in Benin, West Africa.

Elhadji Cheikh Amath Niang


Born Elhadji Cheikh Amath Niang, affectionately known as Aristyle is a spiritual spoken-word poet, a scholar a wordsmith deliberately addressing issues related to girl’s rights, disability rights, women rights, climate change, mental health, racism, discrimination and sexism.

Advancing into a dimension leveraging his clairvoyance is what those who have seen him behind the mic can attest to. The falling of confetti doesn’t mark the threshold of his creativity, but the green light to embark on other avenues like facilitating creative writing sessions at his Alma mater.

Oscar Ekponimo


Named in Time Magazine’s list of 10 Next Generation Leaders. Oscar is the Founder of Chowberry Inc, a technology-driven social business that helps retailers cut food waste and improves food accessibility and affordability for disadvantaged households facing food poverty.

He has championed various innovative solutions, winning awards such as the International Telecoms Union (ITU) Young Innovators Award 2013 among others in recognition of his contribution in leveraging technology and enterprise to address local challenges in Africa.

He was named in the list of top 30 African innovators 2017 by Quartz Media as well as the BBC Top 10 Innovators of 2018.

He is a recipient of the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise in Applied Technology by Rolex Watch Company for his work on Chowberry which today has impacted over 50,000 disadvantaged households facing food poverty in Nigeria.

He is also the Executive Director of Gallery of Code, a non-profit interdisciplinary R & D lab that works to develop innovative solutions to local challenges through the blend of Science, Arts and technology in partnership Ars Electronica Futurelab and support from the Government of Austria.

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