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PACE Entangled - Friday 28 August 2020

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Delegates from around the world met from 25-29 August on Zoom and Airmeet to connect, exchange and share their work to a global network of producers, artists, collaborators and funders

Panel: Disruption & Disobedience in Theater for Young Audiences (TYA)

Panel Members


Yvette Hardie

South Africa

is a theatre director, producer, educator and advocate. She is the national director of ASSITEJ SA and serves as President of ASSITEJ (2011-2020), which networks across 100 countries. She was responsible for hosting the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress & Performing Arts Festival, Cradle of Creativity for the first time in Africa, in 2017.

She produced the award-winning Colonnades Theatre Lab production, Truth in Translation, which toured widely for several years. She was awarded the Mickey Miner Award for Lifetime Achievement from IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) for her contribution to theatre for young audiences locally and globally.

Wangari Grace


Wangari Grace is a published author, artist educator and professional storyteller. A passionate performer, she has over the last decade extensively performed and facilitated creative arts workshops in Kenya. She has also toured India, Iran, Germany, Sweden and Somaliland. Wangari infuses her stories with song, dance, chants and other performance delicacies to create an intimate interaction with her audiences.

A lover of books, Wangari champions reading for pleasure among children and young people. She has authored 3 children’s books: The Colour Magician, The Forever Tree and Mti wa Milele.

Isra Ghazali


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (set & Costume Design Major). Started working in theater with the Faculty’s group since 2011. I'm still learning and developing myself as an artist.

Been involved in theater for young audiences since 2016, starting with working with Sitara and English theater company based in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2017 I was introduced to Hakawy international Arts festival for children and been working with them since.

Created and performed “The Elephant in the Room” which premiered as a work in progress in Hakawy’s 9th edition 2019. Currently working on a new piece developed from The Elephant in The Room that will be presented in Hakawy's local edition 2020.

Baeletsi Tsatsi

South Africa

Baeletsi is a storyteller, writer and facilitator. She studied at the Market Laboratory, the International School of Storytelling and the Center for Biographical Storytelling. She won the J.J Renaux Emerging Storyteller Grant Award in 2018. Her stories are distributed by FunDza, Cover2Cover and Book Dash.

She is currently a storyteller in residence at Play Africa's African Storytelling Project, happening in collaboration with ASSITEJ SA and the Goethe Institute.

Carole Karemera


Carole U. Karemera holds a Master in Drama and Music from The Conservatoire Royal de Musique (Belgium). She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Ishyo Arts Centre, one of the most dynamic Rwandan arts organisations, involved in advocacy, capacity building, production and promotion of the creative sector in Rwanda.

She is a board member of the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF), of the Rwandan Academy of Language and Culture (RALC), of the steering committee of the African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN), of Artej/Assitej Rwanda and seats in the Advisory Committee for the African Union Champion for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

She is a performer, director, arts manager and an activist supporting freedom of creative expression in Africa.

Her current artistic work includes international collaborations for Transmedia production dedicated to young audience, Arts in public & unusual spaces and Transborder creative projects.

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